IBMS Council

Made up of national and regional representatives elected by IBMS members, IBMS Council makes key decisions and develops policy on behalf of the biomedical science profession. Council members are directors of the company and trustees of the charity and must fulfil the responsibilities of both roles.

Candidates standing for election to Council must be corporate members of the IBMS, resident in the UK and able to meet the eligibility criteria in the Articles of Association and the legal requirements to be a trustee of a charity.

Council members are elected by the members they represent on three year terms and are sworn in at our AGM. At the end of their term, provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria, council members can choose to stand for re-election or resign. 


The Officers of the IBMS are the President, the Past President / President Elect and the Treasurer. They are elected by Council members. 

The President holds office for a period of two years and is not eligible for re-election as President until four years after completion of serving as President.

At least one year before a new President is due to take up office, the Council may elect one of its number to be President Elect. Their role is to deputise for the President and to preside at meetings in the President’s absence.

The President Elect takes up office on the same day as the Past President ceases to hold office and holds this office for one year.

Council may appoint a Treasurer who shall be a corporate member of the IBMS. Their role is to monitor the implementation of the IBMS’s financial and investment strategies. They are appointed for a period of one year and are eligible for immediate re-election.

Meet our council

Debra Padgett CSci FIBMS

Honorary Treasurer
Gordon McNair BSc CSci FIBMS

Council members

East Midlands
Colin Mudd
Glen McDowell
Angela Jean-Francois
Sean Conlan
Zonya Jeffrey
Tahmina Hussain
Charlie Houston
Sheri Scott
Sarah Pitt
Matthew Smith
North East
Jennifer Collins
North West
David Eccleston
Linda Walsh
South East
Jane Needham
South West
Andrew Usher
Victoria Bradley
West Midlands
Nigel Coles
Joanna Andrew

Meeting dates


Friday 3rd February
Friday 21st April 
Friday 13th October
Friday 8th December