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Qualifications to support all levels of the profession

Whether you are just starting out in your career or are looking to make the next steps, our qualifications are designed to advance your knowledge of biomedical science and showcase your skills.

Support Staff
Demonstrate your knowledge and skills and evidence your laboratory training

For biomedical science support staff working in laboratory services, the IBMS Certificate of Achievement is designed to reflect your training needs and your employer's.

The qualification can be used in a range of biomedical science disciplines, not just in pathology laboratories, and will demonstrate you practice to the level and standard expected of a band 2 - 3 Assistant Practitioner or a band 4 Associate Practitioner.


Apply for HCPC registration as a biomedical scientist

For registration as a biomedical scientist, the IBMS Certificate of Competence is a professional qualification that demonstrates you meet HCPC standards of proficiency and is awarded upon successful completion of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio. 


Advance your career and upgrade your membership

For early career biomedical scientists, IBMS diplomas are specialised professional qualifications that will enable you to demonstrate evidence of your training, practical skills, specialist knowledge and competency gained in a chosen discipline. 

Achieving an IBMS diploma will also make you eligible to upgrade to become an IBMS Member.


Demonstrate expert knowledge in your chosen subject

For biomedical scientists looking to progress their careers in management, or advanced biomedical scientists looking to demonstrate high levels of knowledge, skills and competence in their chosen subject, IBMS higher and expert qualifications are developed by experts, and enable you to demonstrate evidence of your training, practical skills, specialist knowledge and competency gained in a chosen discipline. 




Demonstrate your highest level of advanced knowledge and skill

Aimed at the most senior members of the profession, IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas link to professional doctorates and combine the highest levels of knowledge and expertise within a discipline that will demonstrate your ability to undertake roles that are comparable with medical consultants. 


Give back to the profession

Give back to the profession

Become an IBMS Verifier or Examiner and play a central role in the assessment of our qualifications

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Is your laboratory IBMS Approved?

Is your laboratory IBMS Approved?

Our laboratory approval ensures laboratories can train their staff using our portfolio based qualifications

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