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Supporting your journey Supporting your journey

Professional guidance

By setting standards for the profession and supporting biomedical scientists and laboratory staff in their practice, our policies, guidelines and qualifications are the benchmark for standards in biomedical science. They will enable you to deliver safe, high-quality care. 


Our professional and scientific journals are the leading publications in biomedical science. 

The Biomedical Scientist features current professional and scientific developments, vacancies, news and analysis as a monthly publication. The British Journal of Biomedical Science is an online open access journal where members can benefit from free publication of their research. 

Grants and bursaries

Our grants and bursaries help support the latest advancements in biomedical science research and are frequently used to support our members. 


Progressing your career Progressing your career


IBMS members gain access to a wide range of specialist qualifications – which are affordable, and train you directly for the job you want.

Online Learning and CPD

IBMS members have access to a wealth of resources to help progress their careers and stay relevant as the profession changes. Our eLearning platform will provide you with access to specialist training, whilst our events and learning resources ensure you have access to a wealth of CPD activities. 

Expert Practice

After upgrading to IBMS Member or Fellow, the full range of higher qualifications and IBMS roles become available – from qualifications that lead to Consultant or Advanced Practitioner level roles, to opportunities to gain IBMS leadership experience and have an impact on the profession as a whole.



Promoting your profession Promoting your profession


Stronger together

The IBMS promotes the knowledge, advice and high professional standards of our members - using our network of experts and contacts to address the most important concerns facing the profession.


Our library of free resources for members are designed to support public engagement activities for all age groups. They help to explain the vital role hospital laboratories play at the heart of healthcare and explain what happens to patients' samples taken at their doctors, as well as encourage careers and study in biomedical science. 

Biomedical Science Day

Our ongoing public outreach culminates with Biomedical Science Day - the biggest and most important annual celebration of biomedical science and the vital work of our members.


Membership for each step of your career

From eStudent to Fellow, our members have access to nationally recognised qualifications, online CPD activities, an award winning magazine, up-to-date professional news and guidance, and a growing range of digital and real-life networks.


Get started in biomedical science

Becoming an IBMS eStudent is the perfect way to kick-start your journey in biomedical science. Being an IBMS student member not only looks great on your CV but will also enable you to show your commitment to the profession.

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We'll give you access to the knowledge, networks and skills you need for a successful start in biomedical science.

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Start your career the right way

As an Associate member, we will support your professional development and help you to build upon your skills, experience and knowledge of biomedical science – giving you the tools you’ll need to progress. 


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The Associate member grade is perfect for Medical Laboratory Assistants and Advanced Practitioners who want to enhance their careers.

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*figure based on monthly Direct Debit instalments from January to October.


Get your career moving

Joining us as a Licentiate member will give you a great start in your career as a biomedical scientist. We will provide you with opportunities to develop specialist skills and knowledge and also provide support for you to network and build new professional relationships. 

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Licentiate membership is for HCPC registered biomedical scientists or BSc Hons graduates who are set up and ready to progress in their chosen specialism or career route.

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*figure based on monthly Direct Debit instalments from January to October and not including any registration fee.


Take the next step

Becoming an IBMS Member is the best way to take the next big step on your career journey in biomedical science. We will offer you further opportunities to develop your technical and professional knowledge with our higher and expert qualifications and grant you access to apply for all the IBMS roles. 

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We'll enable you to develop the expert and managerial skills that will make your career thrive.

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*figure based on monthly Direct Debit instalments from January to October and not including any registration fee.



Reach the peak of the profession 

IBMS Fellows are our most advanced and high achieving members. Your FIBMS post-nominal title and Fellow pin badge broadcast that your specialist knowledge and high professional standards are recognised, verified and important to you and your practice.

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We'll provide you with opportunities to develop specialist knowledge, support your career development and give you a platform for you to network and build new professional relationships.

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*figure based on monthly Direct Debit instalments from January to October and not including any registration fee.


Connect with the profession 

Company membership connects you to our members' network of over 20,000 biomedical staff worldwide by getting you a discount on exhibition space at IBMS Congress and putting your details in our digital and print supplier's guides.

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The leading organisations in biomedical science are IBMS Company Members.

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