Specialist qualifications

Advance your career and upgrade your membership with an IBMS specialist qualification

The IBMS diplomas are specialised professional qualifications for early career biomedical scientists that are assessed through a portfolio of experiential learning and presentation, a laboratory tour and oral examination.

They will enable you to demonstrate evidence of your training, practical skills, specialist knowledge and competency gained in a chosen discipline. 

Specialist diplomas

Diploma of Specialist Practice



We've switched to electronic portfolios

To ensure that candidates have been able to continue their IBMS qualifications during the pandemic, we have switched to issuing electronic copies of our portfolios. These electronic versions are identical to the physical portfolios and can be completed and assessed electronically when the qualification is completed.

Feedback from candidates has been positive, and it enables us to work more sustainably whilst continuing our usual level of service.

To ensure a timely response to your documentation, we encourage you to submit everything electronically to us via email.