Becoming an IBMS portfolio Verifier or Examiner is an excellent opportunity for engaging with a network of biomedical scientists that share a common interest in training and maintaining professional standards. 

If you are eligible, please think about taking on an active role in the development and nourishment of your profession. Full guidance, training and support will be given and you will be providing a valuable service to healthcare, as well as benefiting your own professional development.


  • It refreshes your knowledge
  • You become aware of different methodologies
  • It provides new experiences and new ideas
  • You develop new skills in peer review and assessment
  • It creates networking opportunities
  • It can refresh your CV by demonstrating active professional engagement.

Most assessments are now completed remotely, saving travelling time and minimising disruption to our assessor and verifiers’ day, where a visit is required we cover travel expenses and look to minimise the distance to be travelled. 

Indemnity insurance cover for verifiers and examiners

All of our verifiers and examiners are covered under our professional indemnity insurance policy whilst they undertake work for the IBMS. 

Become an IBMS Verifier or Examiner

Successful applicants must be:

  • an IBMS Member or Fellow
  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered with a minimum of three years post-registration experience
  • currently working in an IBMS-approved training laboratory, or have worked in one within the last two years, or has moved into academia and were a member of the team for an IBMS Accredited undergraduate degree that had placements in IBMS approved training laboratories where there is completion of the IBMS Registration Training Portfolio
  • actively participating in CPD for at least the last two years.

To apply to become an IBMS Specialist Portfolio Examiner, you will also need specialist level experience in named discipline/disciplines. 

For more details, email (verifier) or (examiner).

How to apply

Send your completed application form and an overview of your past 2 years of CPD to us:


To become an IBMS Registration Training Portfolio Verifier, please complete the IBMS Verifier application form along with an overview of your past 2 years of CPD and email it to


To become an IBMS Specialist Portfolio Examiner, please complete the IBMS Examiner application form along with an overview of your past 2 years of CPD and email it to

If your application is accepted

If you meet the criteria, the IBMS Education Team will add your details to our database of verifiers and examiners. 

However, before you can carry out a portfolio verification or examination, you will need to attend an IBMS training session. The IBMS Education Team will contact you to let you know when the next available training session will be held.