The IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma (ASD) in Ophthalmic Pathology will increase your key knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of dissecting and reporting selected ophthalmic pathology samples. 

The qualification will help you to describe ophthalmic pathology samples and to dissect and select tissue blocks, interpret and evaluate ophthalmic pathology samples or prepared slides from these samples, undertaking ancillary testing procedures as necessary. 

You will also be able to recognise and describe unusual gross or microscopical findings and refer these samples for medical opinion as well as undertake the independent reporting of selected specimens appropriate to the role as agreed.

Fees, criteria and how to apply

Course fees = £440

Training logbook = £27


To apply for the cervical cytology course, you must be an HCPC registered IBMS Fellow and have at least seven years post-registration experience or primary screening in cervical cytology and at least three years experience of “checking” and service management within the screening programme.

You will also need to have a single named consultant pathologist trainer who has overall responsibility for mentoring and guiding you and monitoring your progress, undertake your training in a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) or CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) Ltd)  accredited laboratory that also has IBMS laboratory post-registration training approval.

If you are unsure whether your laboratory has IBMS laboratory approval, please check with your laboratory manager or training officer. 

Payment methods

Payment must be made via either of the following methods:

  • Cheque/Postal Order - which must be attached to your application
  • Card payment - details of how to make payment will be provided once application has been approved
  • Purchase order - you must include the purchase order number, order details and an address to send the invoice.

To apply for the qualification in the year in which you plan to submit your portfolio for assessment you will need to submit payment and your completed application form to

Once your application has been accepted you will be sent confirmation of your candidacy and a reminder of the submission deadline for your portfolio. 

Please note that a £50 administrative fee will be applied to any refund if you withdraw from the qualification at any time.

Deferrals, withdrawals and mitigating circumstances

If you wish to defer, withdraw or highlight any mitigating circumstances, please contact

Course and assessment

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma (ASD) in Ophthalmic Pathology is a professional vocational qualification assessed by completion of a training logbook and written and practical examinations.

Portfolio assessment

The portfolio of evidence provides a record of your training and should contain evidence of regular assessments of your competence in reporting cervical cytology results by your named consultant pathologist supervisor. 

You can submit your training logbook once your named consultant pathologist supervisor is satisfied that your training is complete and advance to the written and practical examinations.

For more information, please refer to the ophthalmic pathology portfolio assessment indicators


The examination of an IBMS Advanced Specialist Diploma in Ophthalmic Pathology involves four assessments:

  • training logbook assessment 
  • written examination
  • practical examination
  • oral examination 

Further information can be found in the course guidance document

Course dates and submitting
Key Dates

Qualification Application Deadline

Portfolio Submission Deadline


Submitting your portfolio

You must submit your portfolio electronically, hard copies will not be accepted. Please scan your portfolio and training logbook and send via email to to download the files. 

Due to the large file size of the portfolio we recommend that you send your documents using a file sharing system such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Docs or WeTransfer, then send the link to