Registered Scientist

Demonstrate high levels of professionalism and competence in science as a Registered Scientist

RSci is a widely recognised benchmark of professional quality and excellence, demonstrating high levels of professionalism and competence in science.

How you can become a Registered Scientist RSci

Applying through your IBMS membership

To apply for professional registration as a Registered Scientist (RSci) you will need to be either an Associate, Member or Licentiate of the IBMS and be committed to CPD.

You must also have two years' professional experience and hold a level 5 qualification or equivalent.

Meeting RSci competency statement standards 

As part of your application, you will also need to demonstrate that your professional knowledge and skills meet the standards set out in the Science Council's RSci competency standards statement.

Guidance on how to demonstrate you meet the standards can be found in our  RSci application guidance.

Fees and how to apply


Providing you meet the criteria and your application is accepted, as an IBMS member it costs £23 annually to be a Registered Scientist (RSci) through the Science Council.


You must be a member of a professional body to apply for professional registration with the Science Council. 

Your application

To apply as an IBMS member:

  1. Read the RSci application guidance
  2. Download and complete the RSci application form and include:
    • evidence of two years' CPD
    • signature from a proposer who is a Chartered Scientist (CSci)
    • payment
  3. Send your completed application electronically to [email protected] or post to:

    Registered Scientist 
    Institute of Biomedical Science
    12 Coldbath Square
    EC1R 5HL

    Alternatively, you can apply through the Science Council on-line application system
Further information

For help and advice contact [email protected] or call +44 207 731 0214 ext 141.


Assessing your application

Once received, we will assess your application and contact you to let you know whether your application has been successful.

If your application is successful we will issue you with a certificate, your name will then be entered onto the Science Council's register of Registered Scientists and you will be able to use the designatory letters RSci.

To maintain your status as a professionally registered scientist with the Science Council you are expected to engage in CPD each year.

Additional resources

Further information on how to maintain your Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) status can be found on the Science Council's resources for Registered Scientists and Technicians page.