Higher and expert qualifications

Take an IBMS higher and expert qualification to expand your knowledge and skills and to support career progression

For biomedical scientists looking to progress their careers in management, or advanced biomedical scientists who are looking to demonstrate their high levels of knowledge, skills and competence in their chosen subject area. 

IBMS higher and expert qualifications have been developed by experts to enable you to evidence your training, practical skills, specialist knowledge and competency gained in a chosen discipline. 

Certificate of Expert Practice - Online

Designed to enhance your specialist knowledge and to help progress your career 

Diploma of Expert Practice

Progress your career and demonstrate high levels of knowledge, skill and competence in your specialist subject

Higher Specialist Diploma

Demonstrate high levels of knowledge to progress your career and upgrade your IBMS membership grade

Diploma of Higher Specialist Practice

For biomedical scientists who are working in research, reference laboratories or areas outside the main biomedical science disciplines