A skills development program that empowers laboratory scientists and managers to enhance and improve patient care

The IBMS is pleased to announce a collaboration with Power of Process to launch a new online training course. The 10-hour program builds on traditional knowledge and skills obtained through Lean and Six Sigma while creating a culture of continuous improvement, building laboratory specific business excellence and improving laboratory specific business processes.

The course can be delivered for teams or individuals and can be used to underpin workplace projects. It delivers, in detail, and with worked examples, how to understand laboratory processes, identify problem areas, gather data, use problem analysis tools and data to test different solution scenarios, evaluate improvement and implement project management tools to the improvement process.

There are two course options:

  • Asynchronous - study at your own pace, utilising 10 hours of on-demand videos
  • Cohort - join a cohort group where a facilitated course is run over 8 weeks

Asynchronous - Study at your own pace

IBMS members

The course is discounted for IBMS members at £410. To sign up to access the course as a members must login and access the link:





The cost for non-members to join the course is £510. If you sign up as a non-member you will be invited to become an IBMS member for one year at a membership grade appropriate to qualifications.


Cohort - Join a facilitated cohort

The cohort program will run annually over 8 weeks starting on the 30th January 2023 and will feature weekly facilitated sessions to assist individuals progress with their project. As with the asynchronous program, IBMS members will receive a discount through the link on the members page, non-IBMS members can access the course through the IBMS website and will be invited to receive IBMS membership, free for one year at a membership grade appropriate to qualifications.  

Course enrolment will be available from 1st November – 23rd Dec 2022.

Organisations wishing to arrange a cohort within their own networks should contact the IBMS, Donna Torrance, donnatorrance@ibms.org