IBMS Specialist Advisory Panels are groups of experts who specialise in their discipline area and advise the IBMS on science and policy, as well as helping the IBMS to put together the scientific programme at our biennial congress event.

Their role 

The 11 specialist advisory panels are vital in ensuring the success of the IBMS's work.

There are advisory panels for:

  • Cellular pathology 
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Cytopathology
  • Haematology
  • Immunology
  • Medical microbiology
  • Molecular pathology
  • Point of care testing (POCT)
  • Quality management
  • Transfusion science
  • Virology

Each panel is made up of around 12 'expert' members that include a Chair, Deputy Chair, Chief Examiner, two Deputy Chief Examiners, a Company Member and approximately six 'ordinary' members.

Their work includes:

  • Organising the scientific programme for their discipline for the IBMS Congress.
  • Working with the IBMS on development of our professional qualifications, including Specialist Portfolios, Diploma of Expert Practice and Higher Specialist Diploma.
  • Representing the IBMS at local and national professional healthcare groups and committees.
  • Advising on IBMS professional guidance documents and statements.
  • Providing advice on topics, including patient/service users, emerging technologies and laboratory training.
  • Working with the IBMS’s Education and Professional Standards Committee and other working groups. 

Get recognised for your expertise

Being a specialist advisory panel member can support your career progression, giving you the chance to undertake different roles, acquire new skills, develop your network, and share and contribute to the development of best practice.  


IBMS members are invited to apply for the specialist panels in their particular discipline when vacancies arise. Adverts for vacancies will be published on our website and promoted through our newsletters to all members.