The IBMS has links with European biomedical science organisations and accredits biomedical science degree courses in countries across the world including: Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Kuwait. 

Overseas members are entitled to most of the membership benefits that our UK based members receive. To apply from outside the UK, we will need to verify your qualifications and will assign your membership grade based on the equivalence to a UK undergraduate qualification. 

Qualifications from overseas

If you have not completed an IBMS Accredited degree course, you will be required to have your overseas qualifications verified by UK ENIC who will issue a letter confirming equivalent certification of your non-UK academic qualifications.  

Upon applying, please attach your UK ENIC confirmation letter along with copies of your qualification certificates. 

Please note
We may be able to check the comparability of your qualifications with UK ENIC when you apply, the cost for this service is £30. However, we are not able to issue you with your UK ENIC Statement of Comparability or confirmation letter. Contact for further information.

Find the right grade of membership

If your undergraduate qualification is not equivalent to a UK Honours degree

If UK ENIC confirm that your undergraduate qualification is not equivalent to a UK Honours degree, you can apply to become an Associate member. 

If you are HCPC registered and have been working in biomedical science in the UK for over 1 year and UK ENIC confirm your undergraduate qualification is not equivalent to a UK Honours degree, you can apply top become a Licentiate member. Your laboratory manager will also be required to complete a supporting statement.

If your undergraduate qualification is equivalent to a UK Honours degree

If UK ENIC confirms your undergraduate qualification is the equivalent of a UK Honours degree, you can apply to become a Licentiate member.

If your M-level qualification is equivalent to a UK Masters degree

If UK ENIC confirms your M-level qualification is the equivalent of a UK Master’s degree, plus you have two years relevant professional experience, you can apply to become a Member.

If your D-level qualification is equivalent to a UK Doctorate

If UK ENIC confirms your D-level qualification is the equivalent of a UK Doctorate, plus you have five years relevant professional experience, you can apply to become a Fellow


Subscribing to our membership magazine

As part of membership, overseas members receive access to their monthly copy of The Biomedical Scientist by email. However, if you would like to receive your monthly copy by airmail, you will be required to pay an additional £73.30 with your IBMS membership subscription. 

For example, you will need to make a credit or debit card payment for your membership grade along with a £20 registration fee and the £73.30 airmail fee. 

Working in the UK

The IBMS cannot is unable to help find employment for any members. You are advised to check jobs that are advertised in The Biomedical Scientist and on our Jobs Board.

Information on working and studying in the UK can be obtained from British Council offices, consulates and embassies.

Refugees and asylum-seekers

Refugee and asylum-seeking healthcare professionals that are aiming to work in the UK can find practical advice and guidance on the Refugee Council and NHS Employers websites. 

Academics that are refugees or seeking asylum can find information and support from cara.

HCPC registration 

To work in the UK, biomedical scientists must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

For overseas applicants who want to become registered as a biomedical scientist in the UK, please refer to the HCPC's international application process

Pease contact or call +44 (0)845 300 4472 if you have any questions about HCPC registration.

How to get in touch

Our membership team are on hand and always happy to answer any of your questions you have on joining us. Feel free to call or email for more help.

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