Retired members can claim much of the same benefits as they had in their membership grade before retiring. 


Keep up to date with the profession

Access membership publications

The British Journal of Biomedical Science and our multi-award winning magazine The Biomedical Scientist. 

Save the cost of membership

Save today with IBMS Additions

IBMS Additions gives members money off their shopping, travel, leisure activities, holidays, health and wellbeing, motoring and much more.

Stay connected

Network with over 20,000 IBMS members

IBMS membership groups will enable you to take part in discussions and network with fellow members at region and branch meetings. 

Promote the profession

Inform the public about biomedical science

IBMS members have access to a range of public engagement materials and support to help you take part or organise events.


Free and discounted events

Enjoy free access to The Biomedical Scientist Live

Held annually for our members as a digital event, it features a packed line-up of seminars, discussions and demonstrations for all members.

Exclusive invites are also open to IBMS members to our webinars and region and branches meetings, plus IBMS retired members can access a special rate of discounted tickets to attend IBMS Congress – the biggest biomedical science event in Europe.

Free legal advice

24/7 access to a free telephone legal helpline

If you are purchasing a property, involved in an accident, setting up a business or trying to ensure that you’ve made adequate provision for those closest to you, a discussion with a legal advisor would be an excellent first step.


Give back to the profession

The IBMS Mentoring programme is the perfect way for you to share your knowledge and experience to help support the next generation of biomedical scientists.

Become an IBMS portfolio Verifier or Examiner

Play a central role in the assessment of our qualifications

Becoming an IBMS portfolio Verifier or Examiner is an excellent opportunity for you to engage with a network of biomedical scientists. 



Members who retire from employment can claim a discounted IBMS membership fee rate:

Retired IBMS fee rate = £42

To continue with your Science Council Chartered Scientist registration = £88

How to claim retired membership 

You will need to contact us to confirm the start date of your retirement.  

Please email including:

  • your full name
  • your IBMS membership number
  • your retirement start date
If you retire halfway through the year

The IBMS retired membership fee rate will only be applied to the quarters in the year that you are fully retired.

If you retire halfway through a year, then your retired rate membership fee will only be applied for the quarters of the year in which you are fully retired.

If you have paid a full year's membership fee in January and subsequently retire during that year, a refund will be credited to you in accordance with our refunds policy once you have informed us of your retirement. 

Please note - we are unable to backdate retired rate subscription fees.