Advanced qualifications

Demonstrate your highest level of expert knowledge and skill in biomedical science as an advanced practitioner

IBMS Advanced Specialist Diplomas link to professional doctorates and consolidate and demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge and expertise within a discipline.

The qualifications are aimed at the most senior members of the profession, with the ability and opportunity to undertake some roles that are commensurate with those of medical consultants. 

Advanced Specialist Diplomas are available in: 

Cervical Cytology

Develop your practical skills to screen, interpret and report normal and abnormal cervical cytology results

Histopathology Reporting

Demonstrate the highest levels of your knowledge and skill in histopathology reporting

Non-Gynaecological Cytology

Develop your reporting of normal and abnormal non-gynaecological cytology specimens

Ophthalmic Pathology

Increase your key knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of dissecting and reporting

Specimen Dissection

Demonstrate your knowledge and practical competence to accurately dissect benign and malignant Lower GI or Breast specimens