Certificate of Achievement

Reach your potential with an IBMS qualification for biomedical science support staff

The IBMS Certificate of Achievement is for biomedical science support staff working in laboratory services and is designed to reflect you and your employer's training needs.

This qualification comes in two parts which are portfolio based professional vocational qualifications that guide and assess the development of skills that underpin the biomedical science workforce.

They enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills and evidence your laboratory training. These flexible qualifications can be used in a range of biomedical science disciplines, not just in pathology laboratories. 

The portfolios are a collection of knowledge and skill requirements that demonstrate you practice to the level and standard expected of a band 2 - 3 Assistant Practitioner or a band 4 Associate Practitioner.

Achieving an IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I enables you to become an Associate member. 

Taking the qualification

The IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I and Part II are portfolio based professional vocational qualifications:

Certificate of Achievement Part I

The IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part I will enable you to demonstrate the level of knowledge and skills expected of band 2 or 3 biomedical science support staff. 

Certificate of Achievement Part II 

The IBMS Certificate of Achievement Part II will demonstrate you have the level of knowledge and skills expected of band 4 biomedical science support staff.

The portfolios are structured around specific modules of described knowledge, competence and evidence of achievement related to an area of professional practice.

They have a set number of core modules and a number of optional modules, a minimum number of which must also be completed. The optional modules can be chosen to reflect your own duties and the type of service your laboratory provides.

Assessment is by your training officer or the laboratory manager in your workplace.

Please note 

The time limit for completing this qualification has been removed. However, there will be an expiry limit of 3 years on any outdated version of a portfolio from the date a new version is introduced. There is still a requirement for evidence to be current i.e. within 3 years of the declaration. Evidence older than this will be discounted.

Who can apply
Certificate of Achievement Part I

There are no eligibility criteria for candidates. 

Certificate of Achievement Part II

Candidates must be an Associate of the IBMS, have relevant laboratory experience and hold a level 3 (6 in Scotland) qualification related to biological science or have completed the Certificate of Achievement Part I.  

The laboratory where you plan to undertake your IBMS Certificate of Achievement must have IBMS Biomedical Support Staff Training Approval.

If you are unsure whether your laboratory has IBMS laboratory approval please check with your manager or training officer.

Please note that current, paid membership must be maintained for the duration of this qualification.

Completing the portfolio

Evidence of your training is demonstrated through signatures against performance criteria and comments by your line manager.  There are also prescribed tasks that need to be completed.  These are the only requirements for evidence.

The most appropriate person to sign off the performance criteria does not have to be a senior member of staff, but the member of staff appointed by the laboratory.

Obtaining your certificate

Once you have completed each of the performance criteria in the portfolio and  they have been signed off by your training officer or laboratory manager, you and your training officer or laboratory manager must complete and sign the declaration at the back of the portfolio before submitting this to us. 

To submit, scan the signed declaration and email to [email protected], or post to:

Support Staff
12 Coldbath Square

Please note

The IBMS may audit portfolios to ensure standards are maintained.

On receiving your completed portfolio and signed declaration, you will be issued with your IBMS Certificate of Achievement, which will be sent to your address within two weeks. 

Your Certificate of Achievement can also be used as evidence to demonstrate your level of knowledge and skill and to become professionally registered with the Science Council.

Fees and how to apply

The portfolio must be applied for by your member of staff responsible for training. 


Trainee portfolios, including administration fees = £133 

Replacement copy = £32, swap copy = £62

To purchase

Please submit electronically your completed Order Form for Certificate of Achievement Portfolio and payment or purchase order to:

IBMS Support Staff Team 

Alternatively, you can also post application forms and payment to
Support Staff
Institute of Biomedical Science
12 Coldbath Square