Public engagement

Inspire the next generation and raise awareness of biomedical science

Public engagement is a rewarding way for you to promote the profession to the public and engage children to consider careers as biomedical scientists. 

Supporting public engagement

For all your public engagement events, you can order a range of promotional items and guidance materials for free as part of your membership. Simply fill in the form below, with a minimum of 5 days notice, and we'll arrange to post them to you in time for your event. 

In return for promotional items, we ask that you complete and return our news pro-forma. This will enable us to create a news story of your event for our website. 

Photography and video footage

For guidance on taking photos or video footage of your event, please use the image consent form

If you are taking any images of children or young adults (under 18s), we are not permitted to use them without this form completed and returned.


We have produced a number of activities that are designed to engage with students of all years.

Activity sheets 

Superlab comic (digital copies) for 7-11 year olds

Biomedical science history posters

Sample Journey videos

Important notices 

We will only support requests within the UK with a minimum of 5 working days notice and outside the UK with 10 working days notice. Failure to complete the form correctly will result in delays to our response time. 

Should an event receive more than one application, we will only support the first application received. 


Please ensure that any delivery address provided is able to accept deliveries and aware of its arrival. Any returned items will not be re-sent.